Pet Adoption Story: Melissa and Peanut

Pet Adoption Story: Melissa and Peanut
26 Sep 2016

Meet Melissa and Peanut. Their unique pet adoption story begins in an animal shelter and shows us that sometimes not sticking to the previous plan is the best decision ever…

The year was 2012 and my son and daughter wanted a dog. Oh great! I was less than excited about the fact that I knew this pet would become my responsibility. One thing was certain, I did not want a puppy! I didn’t want to invest all the time crate training, potty training, training – in general. Oh no, we were getting a dog. A full grown, dog.

Now, I had never really owned a dog before. Oh sure, I grew up with dogs, but they weren’t mine. So I had no idea about breeds or what I should look for or anything, really. What I did know, however, was that the place we would find our new family member was the shelter. So, I picked up the kids from school one May afternoon, and off we went. We arrived at the shelter and the children anxiously looked at each animal through bars and each animal, longingly, stared back at them.

There she was, all flop eared and caramel in color. She was skin and bones, too. And quiet. And…a puppy…I tried to shoo the children along, but they weren’t having it. They begged me to just have a meet and great with this pup. I looked at her info and saw that she wasn’t available for adoption quite yet and she had 2 holds already. She wouldn’t be ours, so I agreed to let them meet her.

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She perked up when the volunteer came to let her out of her kennel. She licked my children’s faces. I asked the volunteer how a puppy could be so skinny. Turns out she was a parvo rescue from a Tijuana dog fighting ring. Poor thing, my heart broke for her. I was glad she made her way to San Diego, CA for a fresh start.

By the end of the meet and great her personality really came out. She was playing and jumping and running. The kids were laughing. She had a quirky way about her, which was alright because she fit right in with us. I asked about adding our name to that hold list and was informed that I would need to be back in a couple days at noon, and if nobody else on the list showed up, we could adopt her.

I was back at the shelter and I couldn’t believe my anxiety. I was actually hoping the others, with their names on the list, wouldn’t show up. Since I had arrived at the shelter early I sat in the waiting room staring at the clock. As soon as the clock struck 12, I went to the counter. Nobody else was there, I was given her papers!

I finished up the adoption process and she was ours! She did have to stay a couple more days to finish her parvo medication and to get spayed, but she would be coming home soon enough.

Pet Adoption Story of Peanut and MelissaIn preparation, we bought her a kennel, bowls, food, potty pads, toys, leash and collar (along with who knows what else). Her name was Peanut and we were ready for her, but I’m sure she was more ready for us! As she grew we discovered her breed, Belgian Malinois. She is a beauty. But, besides that beautiful face, she is smart, loyal and fun! She’s been with us for 4 years now and we can’t imagine life without her. She is really a joy to have and has brought a great amount of energy to the house. She is even mama to a kitten we adopted last summer. They are buddies. What a good dog our Peanut is.

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