Pet Adoption Story: Natalie, Piggy and Bunny

Pet Adoption Story: Natalie, Piggy and Bunny
04 Oct 2016

Today we meet Natalie who decided to adopt a pet from a local rescue. As she discovered very soon – happiness comes in pairs. This is her story…

I am a college student living alone in an apartment. I thought about getting an animal,
so I went to a local rescue in May of 2015. I asked a bunch of questions about the different animals there. I decided to look at the bunnies. I wanted a sweet, snuggly bunny. The owner showed a white six-month-old bunny to me.
I instantly fell in love. He was the sweetest little thing in the world. I knew that I would be taking him home. I wanted him to have a friend, so I looked at the guinea pigs. There was a very thin longhaired guinea pig. The rescue owner told me that he didn’t think she would live very long because she was so thin. He also wasn’t sure of her age, but thought she was about a year old.

Natalies Pet Adoption Story

She was very skittish and wasn’t very sure of me at first. After a few minutes, she was more comfortable.
I wanted to take her home, too, so I decided to adopt them both. I named the bunny Bunny and the guinea pig Piggy. I brought them home and observed them.

Bunny immediately settled into his surroundings, sniffing everything, taking everything in. Piggy was much
more standoffish. I fed Piggy well, trying to get her to gain weight. I could feel her bones. She eventually gained a little more weight, but not much.

It took Piggy months to get used to me. After she did, she followed me everywhere, squealing for attention and, of course, food. Both of them are free range, but they go into a very large cage at night. They loved exploring the apartment and lying out together. They got along so well.

Natalies Pet Adoption Story Holly and Hugo

Bunny is such a well-behaved rabbit. I’ve never had one before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. He loved to hop around and play with his toys. I had a wonderful seven months with them, but in December, Piggy passed away. I still have no clue what happened, but since she was still so thin, I thought maybe she was just sick.

Bunny was looking for her for the first few days after her passing. He stayed in his cage even though it was open. He didn’t want to come out or do anything. After a few days, he came out of his cage and was his happy self. He just had a little mourning period. Now, he’s happy as can be. I wish I could get him a new friend, but I can’t right now. I graduate in August, so maybe after that, I will be able to get him a friend. I’m thinking about maybe a lop bunny.

For now, I give him all the snuggles he needs.

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