Pet Adoption

Holly and Hugo’s unique Pet Adoption course will get you ready for pet adoption by equipping you with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to transition a new pet into your home. We will help you build a positive relationship over the coming weeks and months, so that you can enjoy a lifelong friendship with your new pet. We believe that when it comes to pets, it’s important to be prepared.

From Day 1 this course will get you off on the right paw, and helps you build a paws-itive relationship in the coming weeks and months. For example, it offers practical guidance on bringing the pet home, introducing other fur-family members, and what to expect when the ‘honeymoon’ period ends.

It’s possible the pet comes with problems and insecurities borne of an unstable past, in which case there is advice on building trust and avoiding some common behavioral issues. Of course we also help with the fun stuff such as when and how to change their name, bonding with your new pet, and how to approach basic training. Pet adoption is a wonderful decision, let us help you with practicalities.

How to prepare for the new arrival:

  • Your new pet’s needs
  • Pet proofing the house
  • Basic equipment
  • Introducing your pet to their new forever home
  • Low stress introductions to other fur-family members
  • Children and rescue pets

Moving forward, learn how to handle:

  • Switching diets
  • Settling first night nerves
  • Setting ground rules

As the pet settles in, know how to win their trust.

  • Building an anxious pet’s confidence
  • A fulfilled life through play, exercise, and training
  • Behavioral issues such as digging, barking, or inappropriate toileting
  • Routine and consistency

The course also covers topics such as grooming, healthcare, and what to do when things go wrong. Remember, when it comes to pets, be prepared and then prepare for success.

Once again congratulations on the impending patter of paws and we hope this course is a help; Holly & Hugo wish you both a long and happy life together.

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