Who we are? Read Our Story.

Original Holly and Hugo's Dog Grooming course was compiled by Tolo Vicens, a professional dog groomer with 20 years experience in the dog grooming industry.

In fact, caring for dogs has been his life’s passion. In his teens, his love for dogs led him to prepare some prime breeds for showing in top competitions in Europe, winning many awards, including an international silver medal from Suerzoo, Zaragosa and from the prestigious Crufts, UK. From Sizoo, Barcelona he was awarded the national gold scissors medal, making him champion in Spain, a silver medal for the poodle category and bronze for his skills in stripping technique.

Excellent feedback which we received from students of the Dog Grooming course motivated us to create a whole suite of courses helping pet owners from around the world to provide expert care to their little furry friends. Tolo was joined by two excellent vets – Pippa Elliot from UK and Deborah Shores from USA to create professional courses which will help you understand things from an animal’s point of view and include safety and first aid procedures.

Holly and Hugo courses are well presented and structured, with clear explanations, pictures and some include video tutorials that help you train in the procedures and techniques you’ll use when looking after many different breeds of dog, cats and other pets.

Meet our Team

Our Holly and Hugo team is truly international and includes experts with awesome experience! We all have pets and cannot imagine living without our furry friends!

Pippa Elliott

Pippa Elliott, BVMS MRCVS, is a Veterinarian with 27-years' experience in companion animal practice.


Tolo Vicens

Tolo Vincens is a Professional Dog Groomer with over 20 years’ experience in the dog grooming industry.


Deborah Shores

Deborah Shores, DVM, is an American Veterinarian and a graduate of Mississippi State University.


Agnieszka Sieniawska

Agnieszka Sieniawska, is an Instructional Planner specialising in training and lesson plans design.



Grooming Skills

The demand for dog groomers is multiplying rapidly. Holly and Hugo was designed to equip you with the grooming skills you need to keep your own pet in tip top condition, become an assistant groomer or to set up your own dog/cat grooming salon.

International Accreditation

We’re an international e-learning company with many years of experience. Holly and Hugo courses are accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards, www.icoes.org, which guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from an ethically run teaching institution.

As part of our statutory mission Holly and Hugo donate 1% of our annual profits towards a variety of dog welfare groups.

What students have to say about Holly and Hugo

  • Going through the course at your own pace was very comforting. I got to take all the time that I needed to study and learn while also practicing my newly-learned techniques on my own dog.

    Maylin Young,(USA)
  • I liked that every time I had a question or needed help- my question was answered relatively fast by a friendly knowledgeable person.

    John Dawson,(UK)
  • I loved the course and I feel that I learned a lot from it. This course will be instrumental in my future success for a long while to come.

    Nicola Thompson, (UK)

6 Reasons to choose Holly and Hugo

Get under pets fur

Learn about animal psychology so you understand your pet’s antics, instincts, needs and wants. Then, share a long, happy and comfortable life together.

Lovingly care for your pet

With our expert grooming training, you’ll be able to keep your pet in tip top condition yourself, enjoy intimate bonding time and save lots of money!

Treat minor complaints yourself

Many minor ailments can be treated safely at home. Learn what you can treat and how and when to bring your pet to a vet.

Train your pack

Once you learn what goes on inside your pack member, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and manage behaviour so you both know how to respect each other and live together harmoniously.


One holiday a year? How about 5? Plan many exciting trips in worldwide locations by becoming a pet sitter. It’s the perfect answer to combing love of animals with your adventurous spirit.

Start a business

At times, animals are better co-workers than humans! Holly and Hugo’s training gives you the tools and skills to turn your animal passion into a rewarding and fulfilling career.