15 Waggy Ways to Make a Difference this National Dog Day

15 Waggy Ways to Make a Difference this National Dog Day
26 Aug 2016

Hoorah for August 26th!
Because August 26th is National Dog Day.

Why does this matter?

National Dog Day is all about celebrating what dogs do for us and appreciating the plight of the dogs that never get to know love or their paw-tential is cut tragically short.

Millions of dogs are killed each year because they’re simply unwanted.

Colleen Paige. Founder of National Dog Day

The Barking Things Dogs Do for Us

Let’s look at the first part of National Dog Day’s mission to celebrate dogs.

Hands up if you have a four-legger in your life.

You will know how the unconditional love that shines out of your dog’s eyes is life-changing. Quite simply, dogs don’t judge, they accept you because you are their pet parent. The word canine ‘companion’ just doesn’t express the joy, laughter, and richness that a waggy tail and wet nose brings into your life.

But not all dogs are pets. Many work for a living and we should be thankful for:

  • Personal protection dogs
  • Service dogs that assist the disabled
  • Detection dogs finding cancer, disaster victims, explosives, drugs …and much more besides.
  • Law enforcement dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Working shepherd dogs

Improve the Lot of Shelter Dogs

But National Dog Day wants to make a positive difference by raising the profile of dog adoption and improving the day-to-day life of our faithful fur friends. If this sounds all very well, but you don’t feel able to help then know that even the smallest action can make a difference.

Why not pledge to do even just one of the suggestions below. At Holly & Hugo we’re pretty sure you’ll find at least one activity each of us can do.

National Dog Day Celebration

15 Waggy Ways to Make a Difference

  1. Donate blankets, towels, newspapers, or dog toys to your local shelter
  2. Safety check your home for paw-tential hazards to your dog
  3. Volunteer at your local shelter as a dog walker
  4. Give your dog a home checkup for signs of cancer
  5. Throw a National Dog Day party and give the funds raised to the dog shelter
  6. Don’t let your pet become a stray dog statistic, get him microchipped or a pet tag
  7. Seriously consider adopting your next fur friend from a shelter
  8. Spend extra one-to-one time playing with or walking your dog
  9. Spread the word and share on social media the benefits to a pet parent of dog adoption
  10. Decide today’s the day to improve your pet’s dental care, for lovely fresh breath kisses
  11. Share posts about National Dog Day on social media
  12. Indulge your dog with a massage and discover the benefits of physiotherapy
  13. Make your dog’s day with some stimulating mind games
  14. Decide today is a new start and it’s time to correct those niggling bad habits
  15. Donate $5 to your local shelter or rescue


How will YOU mark National Dog Day? Please leave a comment below and share your ideas with the Holly and Hugo community.




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