2nd Edition of Holly and Hugo Competition: Your Adopted Pet Story!

2nd Edition of Holly and Hugo Competition: Your Adopted Pet Story!
17 Dec 2016

To celebrate the Adopt a Dog Month (but at Holly & Hugo it’s about ALL pets), Holly & Hugo warmly invite you to participate in our competition.  By taking part not only will you help spread wags and purrs for all adopted pets, but there’s a chance to win Holly & Hugo course of your choice, get your story shared on our social media and featured on our popular blog.

Want to do your bit for pet adoption and win prizes? Then read on… 

Participating is simply a matter of sharing your rescue pet’s story. We want to hear your experiences of adopting a shelter animal: The highs and lows, smiles and heartache, dark days and breakthroughs. Tell the world the difference adopting a shelter pet made to your life.

Pet Adoption Story - Competition

We’ll choose the most touching or interesting stories and contact the worthy winners before the tales are published.

Love your rescue pet? Spread the word and encourage others to home a rescue animal by entering our competition.

 Pet Adoption

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There are so many stories full of love and hope that we decided to spread the word in a form of this beautiful eBook. You can download a free copy of by clicking here:

By submitting story you are giving permission to Holly and Hugo to publish the story and photos on our website social media and in any other format which can help us to promote pet adoption and Holly and Hugo. Stories maybe edited. 



Pippa Elliott

Pippa Elliott, BVMS MRCVS, is a veterinarian with 27-years' experience in companion animal practice. Pippa's first job was in a practice by the sea, where she acquired her first (of many) waif-and-stray, a Dockyard Cat Rescue kitten, called Skate. She then worked for the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) which is a national charity that provides veterinary care for the animals of owners with limited finance. Currently Pippa works in a Veterinary Clinic in UK.


  1. I went to an animal shelter in 2002 I was looking at another dog to adopt when one of the volunteers came up and was telling me about this little Chihuahua who had been at the shelter for two months and was 4 days away from being put down. so, without even looking at her I said I would take her. Turns out she had a seizure disorder, asthma, allergic to EVERYTHING and had a crooked neck. They named her Tippy. I changed her name to Bella and from the moment I held her she was the BEST dog I have EVER had. She was my best friend, she cheered me up when I was sad, laid with me, protected me and took all of my clothes under the bed to cuddle with when I wasn’t home. In 2009 Bella was diagnosed with diabetes we did everything we could to regulate it spent thousands of dollars at the vet. Bella ended up going blind but was still the sweetest funniest thing ever. October of 2009 Bella passed away in her sleep. I now want to become a veterinarian and be a specialist in animal diabetes and name my clinic after my baby girl.

  2. Well i can’t say i’ve ever adopted a pet from a shelter,but i live on a farm and i’ve taken in ALOT of baby animals. We have a moma goat that had her first baby on saturday and the mom was having alot of problems having it,so we called the vet out (me and the vet know each other well) and i figured it would be still born the way this was happening,but the twin didnt make it in the early pregnancy and when we finally pulled the baby after about 15 minutes of pulling we saw it was actually alive and the baby was very premature it’s legs were extremely wobbly,no teeth,yet,and the vet said nicely she doesnt think it will make it,but if she does her legs wont be strong enough for 4-5 days…..
    well today is Wednesday and she eats GREAT and is standing and jumping around AMAZINGLY!!!! and the very next morning i had my little Ninky is standing up and doing well!!
    i never got an animal that needed a new home from the shelter but ive saved many animals lives! and i am determind to do my best always!!

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