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I'm so glad I stumbled upon Holly and Hugo, their courses have provided me with great insight into my shelter animals behaviour and needs. I signed up to the webinar because I wanted to learn how I could better prepare the people who adopt from my shelter for either their first pet or a rescue pet. The webinar was great and although it did help answer my questions about this I found myself interested in the material for my own pets also. I'm up to my fourth course now and im loving it, I feel confident in sharing my knowledge to everyone.

Siobhan Bottoni, AustraliaAnimal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting | Pet Adoption | Veterinary Support Assistant

My Boss told me all about Holly and Hugo's Courses that have great insight on Pet health, care and other business guidelines. So I thought I might enroll in the Ultimate Guide to dog Grooming and got side tracked by other fabulous courses as well. The Animal Care course gave me a better view of how to correctly care for your pets, along with common diseases, what symptoms to look for and what to do when they occur. I would love to complete a few more courses that will help me achieve my goals.

Selente, New ZealandAnimal Care

Animal Psychology has been something I’ve wanted to study and learn about so given the opportunity to do it at home when I like was fabulous! Holly and Hugo also a lot of support and had clear instructions as well.

Annese Wolff, New ZealandAnimal Psychology

It was an interesting topic for everyday people loving their pets and the home page was easy to navigate and explained the course content very clearly, which helped to set expectations about the course and finally helped me make the decision to take it. I feel I understand my pets' nutritional requirements now and I can easily apply the knowledge when searching for the right food and reading the package information. It was also very interesting to learn about other (sometimes exotic) animal's habits.

Agnes Neugebauer, United Arab EmiratesAnimal Training & Pet Sitting | Pet Nutrition | Veterinary Support Assistant

In fulfilling my re-certification as a professional pet sitter, the Holly and Hugo courses have been very informative and convenient for me. I developed a stronger awareness of the nutritional needs of varying species of animals, which can only strengthen my abilities to offer professional pet sitting at a broader realm. The variance of species which you covered was very interesting and the basic concept of balanced nutrition being of utmost importance to the animal keeper.

Judy Vanburen, United StatesAnimal Psychology | Pet Nutrition

The course has given me the confidence to groom own dogs better and I now know which order to clip and how to use the tools in a more confident way. The whole way the course is set up is very easy to navigate and check on your progress.

Joanne Coulter, United KingdomUltimate Guide To Dog Grooming

I got to learn more about animals psychology, and it gave me more confidence in the knowledge I already had. I liked the neat layout and the well-written lessons.

Farrah Porter, United StatesAnimal Psychology

I've been a pet sitter since 2010. I'm interested in starting my own pet sitting business in a few years when I retire from my current full time job and I want to be successful. I have enjoyed your courses and have found them.

Tami Novak, United StatesAnimal Psychology | Pet Nutrition

The courses gave me a good understanding of why certain animals behave how they do which is very useful since I help run an animal shelter I liked the length that I had to complete the courses and the available options to do so with my busy schedule. I've recommended Holly and Hugo courses to many friends.

Jennifer Kanzenbach, United StatesAnimal Care | Animal Psychology | Market Your Business | Start Your Business

The course content was brilliant! It also stuck to the point and didn't veer off into only distantly related subjects unlike some courses I have attempted in the past. The e-books are a great idea and very attractively designed, and very helpful. I really like the layout of your course material and the ease of use, and it's great to receive a certificate from yourselves, an accredited one AND the added bonus of the Completion Letter and the Breakdown Transcript! I am finding it very rewarding to be learning so much on these courses and I am certain the new knowledge and understanding I am gaining will be hugely beneficial in helping me to achieve my animal career/business goals and also my ability to care for and understand my own and others animals. The Holly and Hugo team are lovely people who are very easy to communicate with and are always helpful And their social media presence is an awesome way to stay connected and feel part of an enthusiastic community. Don't look any further for courses!! Choose Holly and Hugo!!

Susan Grainger, United KingdomAnimal Care | Animal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting | Market Your Business | Pet Nutrition | Start Your Business | Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming | Veterinary Support Assistant

The format is very good - if I cannot complete the course, it brings me back to where I left off previously. The information is very thorough and I have been able to put some of it into practice already. I enjoyed developing further knowledge of how to interact with animals and learning what to do if they are in distress has been very helpful in my work with local rescues. I liked the self-paced aspect the most and I was able to complete it when I had time to commit to the lessons.

Natasha Orslene, United StatesAnimal Care | Animal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting

I chose to take my training with Holly and Hugo because they are accredited and affordable. I’m glad I took that course and will be likely to take another from Holly and Hugo in the near future. The course was very through

Amanda Beamer, United StatesVeterinary Support Assistant

I now have a better understanding of animals' behavior and how to manage it. I am hoping that this accreditation will help me get a position taking care of animals. It was very informative and easy to navigate. Also, you are very attentive to alert us and check in with us when there is a delay or an issue with the courses. I don't know any of you, but your emails have made me feel like you are friends. What an awesome educational experience!

Debbie Taylor, United StatesAnimal Care | Animal Psychology

I have learned skills for life and feel confident in speaking and helping other people. I'm getting close to my preferred career goal and the courses have helped with my day to day running of my husband's reptile shop. Very easy to navigate and well laid out. Love the personal touch of tips and web chats. Makes you feel that you're passionate not just trying to make money. Which is very refreshing and inviting.

Jenni Gray, United KingdomAnimal Care | Animal Psychology

I learned so many things I didn't know before. The information was highly knowledgeable and relevant. I never lost interest, and now I understand animal behaviors. I enjoyed the explanations of why animals do what they do- getting inside their head- very interesting! Also, all course material was easy to use and working online at my own pace really helped around my full-time kennel technician schedule.

Abby Bryington, United StatesAnimal Psychology | Veterinary Support Assistant

I didn't have any grooming skills before the course, now I do. I went out and purchased a pair of scissors and clippers so that I am now able to groom my own dog at home. It was easy reading and I enjoyed the videos showing how each particular breed should be groomed while having the points on the right hand side of the video. I'm a very visual and hands on person so it was nice watching the videos.

Shauna Smith, CanadaUltimate Guide To Dog Grooming

I learned so much about my dog's expressions and body language. I didn't know anything about cats before taking the course and now I have some inside knowledge about them. I never really liked cats, and always viewed them as sneaky creatures. I now have a new respect for them. What I like about Holly and Hugo are the webinars. I've sat in on 2 already and they gave me so much knowledge. I love this site and plan on taking as many courses as I can with you. I also like the 45-day time frame to complete the course and the ability to work at my own pace.

Veronica Cooks, United StatesAnimal Psychology

Quality information (clear, concise and understandable), easy to navigate website, and very easy navigating throughout the course. A great reinforcement of some information that I already knew. That said, I learned lots too. Having a more in-depth understanding of the nutritional requirements for some of our most common pets is very valuable, and it gives me more confidence when I am having a discussion with my clients about their pet's nutritional needs. I really liked the use of analogies to help explain certain concepts and loved all of the accompanying pictures.

Cheryl Stubbings, CanadaPet Nutrition

I wanted to learn about dog grooming as I’m interested in maybe starting my own business one day. I also enjoy learning new things to do with dogs as they are my real passion. I learned many things including animal first aid and the different coats different dogs have. I enjoyed the way the modules were set and they were well-planned. I liked how I could stop at anytime and go to previous pages and to do an exercise before an exam.

Linda Raymer, United KingdomDog Behavior & Training

I loved the layout of the course and the exam, and also the fact that I can print a certificate stating i took this course! The course provided me with a lot of knowledge and it was well organized and written. I learned things about my pets i did not actually know before. Ie: explaining behaviour in my dog that i passed up as "just being her" to it actually being a dog behaviour that is common. Understanding my animals facial expressions and body language as well. The course improved my skills in understanding my pets better.

Michelle Little, CanadaVeterinary Support Assistant

10 down 6 to go. These @hollyandhugo courses are very enlightening and fun to study.

Linda Marshall, United KingdomAnimal Care | Animal Physical Therapy | Animal Psychology | Animal Training & Pet Sitting | Care of the Senior Pet | Careers with Animals | Dog Behavior & Training | Essential Cat and Kitten Care | Market Your Business | Pet Adoption | Pet First Aid & CPR | Pet Nutrition | Start Your Business | Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming | Veterinary Support Assistant | Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Classes are pretty detailed and easy to follow. Great information and excellent value.

Bernadette Rivell Daniels, United StatesPet Nutrition | Veterinary Support Assistant

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