A Pet Owner’s Guide to Rabbit Breeds

Thinking of getting a pet? If you don’t have time to walk a dog or the space to keep a cat, then consider getting a rabbit. Rabbits are officially the third most popular pet in the US. With so many wonderful rabbit breeds to choose from, each with a distinct personality, these compact critters are the perfect pet for apartment dwellers.

Bunny Basics

Before considering which of the many rabbit breeds is best for you, it’s best to be aware of a few bunny basics. Although each has their own personality, beneath the fur all rabbits share the same basic psychology.

Rabbits are a ground-dwelling, prey species, which means they need a calm environment and can be prone to stress. If your life is chaotic and your kids are rowdy, then a rabbit is not the pet for you. Indeed, the traditional view of rabbits as children’s pets is outdated, and the modern rabbit is very much an adult’s companion. (If you want to know more, hop to Holly & Hugo’s Animal Psychology course which covers rabbit psychology.)

Rabbit Rewards

However, the rewards of keeping a rabbit include a loving companion who can be litter trained, is affectionate, and doesn’t need taking for walks. In the same way that dog breeds have different traits, so do rabbits. So to help choose the ideal rabbit breed for you here are some ideas.

The Different Type of Rabbit Breeds

1. House Rabbits
The American Rabbits Breeders Association recognizes around 48 different rabbit breeds. With so many to choose from it’s not possible to mention them all, but here are some favorites.
English lop: Has a reputation for being amiable and outgoing
Brazilian: A hugely friendly rabbit that loves company
New Zealand: A great beginner’s rabbit for the novice keeper
Hulstlander: A rare rabbit breed that is especially inquisitive and a quick learner
Holland Lop: Often likened to a dog for its playful personality and bursts of energy
American Fuzzy Lop:Has a flatter face, like a cat, and bags of personality

2. Docile Rabbits

If you want a rabbit breed that is gentle with children and easy to get along with, then consider these bunnies.

Sussex: Variously described as the “Teddy bear” rabbit (because of its looks and docile nature) or the Labrador of rabbits (because of its playfulness and hearty appetite)

Havana: This breed has a reputation for bonding quickly with the attentive owner

Chinchilla: Not only does this rabbit have gorgeous silky fur but they also have a docile temperament

Palomino: Is especially good with kids

3. Giant Rabbits

Yes, you did read that right: Giant rabbits. If you want a more substantial pet who also loves cuddles then consider one of these three giant rabbit breeds.

British Giant: Is said to be ‘lazy’ in the laidback, contented sense of the word.

Continental Giant: Can reach up to 30lb body weight and loves to snuggle on a lap

Flemish Giant: Reaches a staggering 50lb body weight, is intelligent and affectionate – but you need a strong back to lift him.

So there we have it, a pet owner’s guide to rabbit breeds. Which will you choose? And to get your rabbit off to the best start in life, learn the latest research and advice about the ideal diet for rabbits in Holly & Hugo’s Pet Nutrition course.