Sharing the love: How to Give Back to Your Pandemic Pet

March 3, 2022


If dealing with all the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic was made a little easier by the companionship of your pet, then now is the time to give back to them. Check out these tips that’ll keep your animals happy and healthy.


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4. Give them a massage

Think back to any massage you’ve ever had and you’ll appreciate that deep feeling of relaxation. Well, therapeutic massage for your pet is no different and it’s that sense of calm well-being that you want your pet to experience. If your four-legger isn’t enjoying the therapeutic touch, then reassess the exercises you are doing, the pressure applied, and how many repetitions. You can learn specifics on giving your pet a massage in our Animal Physical Therapy course.

cat on a balcony on cat-tower with beautiful nature in the background

5. Provide a catio

Cats like to see, hear, and smell the world; it’s like ‘Cat TV’. If you have indoor cats then try making a ‘catio’. An open balcony is not a safe place for a cat. Call on those DIY skills to create a mesh enclosure or look at commercial enclosures. Fill it with cat grass and a tall cat-tower. If you don’t have a balcony or a yard, invest in cat towers and put them beside your windows for your feline to survey their kingdom.

6. Groom them

Do NOT neglect your pet grooming. Make sure your cat is regularly brushed and use a dental scraper to remove build up on their teeth. Clean your dog’s eyes regularly with a soft cotton ball moistened with warm water and don’t forget to trim the hair over their eyes so they can see!

Take the time to invest back in your pet after all they’ve done for you. You may find these animal care tips can improve their mood and bring you even closer together.

Note: You can find these tips and more in our (free!) Pet Adoption course, an essential resource for any new pet parent.



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