The Lowdown on Dog Breeds Part 2 - Challenging Misconceptions

Continuing our series on dog breeds from the previous post, this time we’ll cover five new breeds rated as the most popular by the American Kennel Club and discuss how what you thought you knew about them is all wrong.

1. Bulldogs

This brawny, yet kind pup can make a great apartment pet, with less of a need for a yard than other dogs due to their low endurance. In fact, they’ll be much happier in a cozy home than outside as they have a hard time regulating their body temperature. Even though these are purebred dogs, it’s actually quite likely you’ll find some in shelters and pounds, so have a look around to see what bulldog rescues are out there. 

Life expectancy? 8-10 years

Good with Children? Kinda

Good with other dogs? Kinda

Can work as a guard dog? Kinda

2. Beagles

These energetic and loveable dogs are a great pet for families with kids. However, their bark is bigger than their bite, and in an emergency you’ll find they do very little to keep intruders at bay. While it is the perfect dog for a family who already has one, be aware that they do not like to be left alone, and have a tendency to howl and become destructive. They need loads of exercise to keep them happy, and are great for training (with a Holly and Hugo Dog Training course!)

Life expectancy? 12-15 years

Good with Children? Yes

Good with other dogs? Yes

Can work as a guard dog? Not really

3. Rottweilers
We all know the reputation: Rottweilers are wild, vicious dogs with locking jaws. It’s time to put these misconceptions to rest. Yes, Rottweilers are big dogs, and one of the best breeds to have as a guard dog due to their protective nature, but they are also incredibly affectionate, playful, and will want to curl on your lap like any small dog. Like any other big dog though, sometimes they can be difficult to handle should anything go wrong.

This means you’ll want to make sure they are well-trained and on their best behavior in public, which will help improve the overall Rottweiler reputation! (Courses like Accredited Dog Walking can help with this…)

Life expectancy? 9-10 years

Good with Children? Kinda

Good with other dogs? Kinda

Can work as a guard dog? Yes

4. German Shorthaired Pointer

These former hunting dogs have a lot of energy, and are perfect for athletic owners who want a dog who will exercise with them. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and very obedient when well-trained. Their patience makes them perfect for families with kids. On the downside, some people won’t be able to give these dogs the exercise they need (sometimes two hours a day!) They can also deal with separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time.

Life expectancy? 12-14 years

Good with Children? Yes

Good with other dogs? Generally yes

Can work as a guard dog? Generally yes

5. Dachshund

These little dogs have big personalities, and can even live up to 16 years due to their small size! But if you’re going to saddle up with this guy for a decade and a half, you want to know it's the right dog for you. Dachshunds are incredibly loyal, sociable, great for apartments, and good guard dogs on high alert throughout the night. On the downside? They’re very stubborn and need strict training, especially when it comes to housetraining and they have a potential to nip when dealing with grabbing hands from babies or small children.

Life expectancy? 12-16 years

Good with Children? Kinda

Good with other dogs? Generally yes

Can work as a guard dog? Generally yes