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As animal lovers, our only desire is to care for animals in the best way. Living or working with animals is a dream. But sometimes it’s a struggle. Animals act different to us, so how do we know what’s normal behavior and what’s not? Hands up if your pet barks at strangers, pulls on the leash and won’t high five like every other dog? Help is at hand with our Holly and Hugo courses enabling you to truly understand all creatures great and small.

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I am a pet sitter and walker and I feel well educated to handle an emergency now. I also like being able to tell my clients that I am certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Charles Sipes, United States

Affordable and Accessible

The course makes me that much more of an asset to clients. Thank you so much for offering this course at a price I could afford! I've taken several courses and they've helped to further my pet sitting/boarding profession. Krista Sexton, United States

Easy to Use

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course with Holly and Hugo. The website is easy to navigate and the courses are designed well with easy-to-follow instructions. I would definitely recommend Holly and Hugo courses. Gillian Wright, UK

Clear and Logical Progression

Holly and Hugo provided me with amazing and clear teaching through an online platform. The variety of courses they have is amazing but my chosen one (Animal Care) allowed me to extend my knowledge and skills on a range of animals. I enjoyed every minute of learning and look forward to purchasing my next course soon! Tamsin Watson, UK

Friendly Customer Support

It was a fun and easy way to learn more about doggie treats that are easy to make. I loved that I could do it all from my computer whenever I had time and the customer service was excellent. Tatyana Zaleski, United States

Industry Experts

I was really cautious about taking this online course as I have never done one before. I already hold animal qualifications and have previously worked in the industry but I was shocked as to how much more I learnt with the Holly & Hugo courses! I have really enjoyed my courses. Rebecca Kinsey, UK