Pet First Aid & CPR

Every pet owner or professional working with animals should know how to perform first aid. From cut pads, insect stings, and snake-bites, to chocolate poisoning, traffic accidents and choking, the unexpected can and does happen to the pets in our care. This comprehensive course equips you with the expertise to handle these situations and many others besides. In addition, you learn how to assess the patient and prioritize the most life-threatening problems.

Be Prepared:

  • What to have in a first aid box
  • Know where the emergency vet clinic is
  • Acquire first aid training

Types of First Aid

  • Conditions you can treat at home
  • Recognizing emergencies
  • Stabilizing a patient until help arrives

Taking Control in a First Aid Situation

  • Keeping safe: How to restrain a patient in pain
  • Assessing the patient
  • Prioritizing the most life-threatening problem

Do No Harm

  • Human medications: What you can and can’t give
  • Pet medications: How much and when?
  • When to contact the vet


  • Bandaging
  • Nursing skills
  • Treating shock


  • Summary flowchart of what to do
  • What to do when the pet’s not breathing
  • What to do when there’s no heart beat

First Aid

  • A comprehensive A-Z list of all major first aid eventualities
  • What to do and what to avoid
  • Cross referenced conditions

Can you afford not to be confident with First Aid & CPR, when your pet’s life may depend on it?

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Reinforce new learning with assessment of important points at the end of each module.

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On completion, receive your certificate which confirms your achievement.


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