Essential Cat and Kitten Care

Everything the serious cat-guardian needs to know about cat and kitten care.

Whether you are a first time owner or experienced cat guardian, this course is purr-fect if you want to:

  • Understand the essentials of feline preventative healthcare, including the latest news on heartworm in cats.
  • Have an appetite to understand cat food and feeding, such as what to feed, how, and when for optimal good health.
  • Learn practical cat facts such ashow to groom, clip claws, and bathe your cat
  • Decode cat body language, behavior, and communication into something you understand
  • Prevent boredom and channel antisocial behaviors, such as climbing or scratching, into less destructive activities
  • Uncover the secrets of good cat litter box habits so that house soiling becomes less likely

The practical skills you will gain from this course:

  • Pick the Right Cat: Understand what type of cat (ie purebred vs shelter, adult vs kitten, indoor vs outdoor animal) is best for you and feel confident about choosing the pick of the litter
  • Introduce Cats: Know cat body language and the no-hiss way to introduce a new cat to your existing fur-friends
  • Keep your Cat Healthy: Understand basic cat facts such as the preventative healthcare your cat needs and how to keep them physically and mentally fit and well
  • Be Confident about Cat Food and Feeding: Make informed decisions about feeding your cat for optimal good health
  • Grooming and Coat Care: Feel confident about clipping claws and keeping your cat’s coat in pristine condition
  • Cat Communication: Understand what cat body language is telling you about their mood and how this can help you get along together
  • Prevent Boredom: Know how to channel a cat’s natural instinct to climb and scratch, in order to prevent boredom and the cat from becoming destructive
  • Cat Behavior: Understand the importance of play for a cat’s well-being, and how a cat uses their senses to read the world around them
  • Litter Box Best Practice: House soiling can sour a good relationship, so learn how to make a litter box irresistible to decrease the chance of inappropriate toileting.
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Reinforce new learning with assessment of important points at the end of each module.

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On completion, receive your certificate which confirms your achievement.


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