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Care of the Senior Pet

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    About the course

    Did you realize some dog breeds are considered senior when they’re just 6? Many other cats and dogs start to experience senior moments when they’re 7 or 8. Just like us, their needs change as they get older. Their bones stiffen. They get different health problems. They may become forgetful and slower.

    Spot the signs that your pet is getting old

    The needs of older animals are different to an adult animal. Pets are prone to health problems as they get older. They could be at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, incontinence or heart disease for example. They could be less mobile. Slow down. Or less keen to go for long walks.

    You can learn to spot the signs that your pet is slowing down and help them in the best way you can.

    Behavioral changes in your senior pet

    We talk about ‘senior moments’ for humans. Your pets have them too! In our course, you'll learn to recognize the changes in senior pets, both mentally and physically. Once you understand what they're going through, you can find the right senior pet care to help them.

    Know about health problems in older animals

    In many ways, pets are similar to humans in the types of diseases they are more likely to suffer from as they get older.

    Our course talks you through some of the common problems such as hyperthyroidism, prostate disease and kidney problems. Learn to recognize symptoms of certain disease such as drinking much more water than usual, weight loss or seeming uninterested in playing.

    How to take proper care of senior pets

    By studying this online accredited course, you’ll learn as much as you can about the needs of older pets.

    You’ll learn about how to adapt the diet and exercise for healthy and happy older pets to help them in the right way.

    Be the best owner possible by recognizing symptoms of distress, pain or disease for prompt treatment.

    You’ll find out how to care for your older dog, including adapting your house if he’s less mobile, blind or deaf. You’ll learn about caring for senior cats and their particular needs.

    Learn the best way to care for your pet on a more personal level to build a stronger relationship through old age.

    Knowing when it's time to say goodbye and how to cope with your loss

    The saddest decision of all is knowing when it’s kinder to say goodbye. To put an end to their suffering.

    It is a difficult decision to make. That’s why we’ve included it in our course so that we can guide you through the process of hospice care and knowing when it’s time to let them go.

    It’s important to give yourself time to grieve and we’ve listed some counselling organizations which can help you get through this difficult time.

    Start studying our online course so you can learn to read the mind of a senior pet, and to understand his behavioral, physical and mental difficulties. In this way you can keep him stimulated and healthy for as long as you possibly can.

    What you will learn

    • You will broaden your knowledge to better understand the changing needs of pets and the problems they face as they get older
    • Follow our course written by experienced vets at your own pace to help senior animals in the right way
    • Pets become senior sooner than you think. Get to know the signs of aging and how you can adapt your life together to help them
    • You’ll learn about their changing mental needs and how to keep them mentally alert
    • You’ll understand their physical changes and know ways to keep them active
    • Understand the dietary and dental needs of your older animals
    • Find out about different diseases and problems they could encounter
    • Discover practical ways to adapt your home for your older pets, particularly if they are arthritic, blind or deaf
    • Get ready to say your final farewells


    Holly and Hugo courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


    Course Breakdown

    Module 1: How Old Is Old?
    • 1.1 Introduction to Ageing
    • 1.2 Pet to Human Years
    • 1.3 The Ageing Dog
    • 1.4 The Ageing Cat
    • 1.5 Staying Healthy for Longer
    • 1.6 Signs Your Pet Should See the Vet
    Module 2: Behavioral Changes In Senior Pets
    • 2.1 Mental vs Physical Problems
    • 2.2 Senior Moments
    • 2.3 Changes in the Senses
    • 2.4 Mental Stimulation
    • 2.5 Help a Grieving Pet
    • 2.6 Introducing a New Pet
    Module 3: Special Considerations For Mature Pets
    • 3.1 Giving Drugs to Older Pets
    • 3.2 Reducing Anesthesia Risks
    • 3.3 Coat Care
    • 3.4 Dental Problems
    • 3.5 Diet and Senior Pet
    Module 4: Mobility And Pain Issues
    • 4.1 Conditions Causing Pain
    • 4.2 Signs of Pain
    • 4.3 Nutraceuticals
    • 4.4 Physical Therapy
    • 4.5 Treating Pain
    • 4.6 Environment Changes
    Module 5: Health Problems Of Senior Pets
    • 5.1 Cancer
    • 5.2 Cushing’s
    • 5.3 Diabetes
    • 5.4 Heart Disease
    • 5.5 High Blood Pressure
    • 5.6 Hypothyroidism
    • 5.7 Hyperthyroidism
    • 5.8 Incontinence
    • 5.9 Kidney Disease
    • 5.10 IBD
    • 5.11 Prostate Disease
    Module 6: Saying Goodbye
    • 6.1 Planning Ahead
    • 6.2 Knowing when it’s Time
    • 6.3 Quality of Life Scale
    • 6.4 Hospice Care
    • 6.5 What Happens at the End?
    • 6.6 Coping with Loss
    • 6.7 Links to Grief Counselling Organizations for Pet Parents


    Who is this course for

    • Any pet parent whose animal is six years old or more who wants to correctly take care of him and keep him active and agile for as long as possible
    • Dog sitters, pet carers and volunteers at shelters who want to confidently handle older animals to keep them calm and safe
    • Professionals wanting to gain a competitive edge through a certified course to show you are continually learning new skills and can handle the older four-legged clients

    How will it help me

    • Learn about your animals’ changing behavior so you can adapt how you respond to his needs to provide the best possible care
    • Understand animals better to help land your dream job with animals by showing how much you respect them
    • Come to terms with the changing habits and funny little ways of your furball so that your relationship deepens
    • Be prepared for the changes you’ll need to make in your routine to better care for an animal as he gets older

    Career path

    • This course is suitable for all pet parents who want to care for their animals as best they can when they get older
    • Anyone who works with pets so they can understand the ageing process and how to keep animals healthy and happy
    • Studying an accredited course will give professionals a competitive advantage over their rivals
    • Certification will prove to employers that you are serious in your wish to land a dream job with animals


    Certification details

    • Holly and Holly and Hugo is a professional company with an international team of experts, including veterinary surgeons, compiling the courses
    • The courses are accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Education Standards, assuring our students our commitment to high standards of online education
    • We are also a recognized member of the CPD Certification Service
    • Our CPD accredited courses will count towards your CPD hour records. Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CE), individuals show their commitment to gain new skills to contribute to their personal and professional development, improve their job prospects, enhance and evolve in their career
    • At the end of each module there is an exam to pass to make sure you have fully taken in each stage
    • The modules are easy to understand and, therefore, easy to remember
    • You can revisit the material for a refresher if you want to look something up
    • Once the course is completed, all modules saved and exams passed you'll get a pdf certificate
    • You will be also eligible to apply for an ICOES hard copy certificate
    • The courses are designed to be easy to use without the need to download material
    • Should you need any assistance, we have a help centre available in your student area 24/7 or you can contact our awesome Customer Support team during the working hours