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Dog Walking

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    Internationally Accredited by ICOES
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    About the course

    Who fancies a career that’s healthy and involves working with dogs? Dog walking is right up your street! You go on lovely walks and have fun with dogs. It’s also a quick and inexpensive business to set up - with our help!

    Know your responsibilities as a dog walker and stay within the law

    But there’s more to being a dog walker than grabbing the leash and going for a walk. Get to know the responsibilities you face. Stay within the law.

    You’ve also got to keep yourself and your furballs safe. That includes knowing how to get into and out of their homes securely. Our tips and techniques will show you how.

    Understand dogs and read their body language

    When you offer a dog walking service, you have to take control of those furballs. Be confident around your charges, no matter how big they are.

    Our accredited course gives you a grounding in dog behavior. You’ll know if they’re feeling a bit aggressive or scared.

    By knowing what they’re thinking, you can stay one step ahead of them and do your best to avoid any mishaps or dog fights.

    Training your dogs and teaching them tricks

    You can offer an additional service to clients by turning your walks into dog training exercises.

    Teach essential dog commands. Get them to perform a few dog tricks.

    Your clients will be impressed and you get a better-behaved dog to take on your walks. Because he now knows how to obey you.

    Know how to administer first-aid for injured or ill pets

    Accidents happen. Dogs will cut themselves, eat something they really shouldn’t have, or run into a tree. Your mission is to stay calm and know what to do.

    You’ll learn how to administer first aid, bandage wounds, deal with shock, cope with a sick dog and know when it’s time to call the vet.

    You’ll also know what to put in your first-aid kit.

    Setting up your dog walking service and finding clients

    With all this knowledge, you’re ready to start a dog walking business. But how exactly do you find dog walker jobs? Where do you find your clients? What insurance should you have? What finances do you need? We’ve the answers to all these questions and more about setting up and driving your business forward.

    Take the first step and learn how to become a professional dog walker with our certificate course now.

    What you will learn

    • How to take your love of dogs and turn it into a money-making business! This in-depth course covers everything you need to know to start a successful career as a dog walker!
    • Expand your knowledge of dog training and psychology while gaining useful skills
    • Learn how to safely interact with all temperaments of dogs, from reading body language to calming anxiety
    • Basic and advanced principles of dog walking, from equipment safety to breaking up dog fights
    • Training and psychology that will keep your charges safe, and make dog walking a walk in the park!
    • A full module covering the first aid that every pet professional must know
    • How to set up your own dog walking business, from finances to finding clients
    • Working towards an accredited course will show your customers that you’re the best person for the job
    • Professional skills to boost your career by studying an internationally-recognized ICOES and CPD course


    Holly and Hugo courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


    Course Breakdown

    Module 1: The Fundamentals Of Dog Walking
    • 1.1 Safety First – For Pooches and People
    • 1.2 Entering and Leaving Homes Securely
    • 1.3 Your Responsibilities
    • 1.4Complying with the Law
    Module 2: Advanced Principles Of Dog Walking
    • 2.1 Be Prepared
    • 2.2 Reading Body Language
    • 2.3 Understanding Aggression
    • 2.4 The Dynamics of Dog Fights
    Module 3: Training & Psychology
    • 3.1 Reward Based Training
    • 3.2 Recognizing Bad Habits
    • 3.3 Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
    • 3.4 Dealing with Fear
    Module 4: First Aid
    • 4.1 On the Spot Diagnosis
    • 4.2 Vomiting and Diarrhea
    • 4.3 Poisoning
    • 4.4 Cuts, grazes, wounds and burns
    • 4.5 Breaks and Fractures
    • 4.6 Shock
    • 4.7 When you’ll need to involve a vet
    • 4.8 Your First Aid Kit
    Module 5: Setting Up Your Business
    • 5.1Research Time
    • 5.2 Finances and Insurance
    • 5.3 Regulations
    • 5.4 Get Creative with Services to Drive Business
    • 5.5 Advertising & Marketing


    Who is this course for

    • Pet sitters, dog walkers and other professionals who want to impress their current clients and attract new ones
    • Anyone interested in turning their passion into a profitable career
    • Those wanting to gain a competitive edge over rival businesses through increased knowledge of animal behavior and business planning

    How will it help me

    • You’ll know more about dog behavior and, therefore, feel more confident around your four-legged clients
    • Dog owners will have more trust in you because you’ve taken the time to study an accredited course
    • ICOES certification makes you stand out of the crowd, and assures dog owners that you are the best option

    Career path

    • Start your dream job working with animals by knowing how to set up a successful dog walking business
    • Surrogate carers, dog walkers, pet sitters and anyone who works or volunteers with dogs can learn better techniques for controlling and looking after them
    • Studying an accredited course will give professionals a competitive advantage over their rivals
    • Certification will prove to employers that you are serious in your wish to land a dream job with animals


    Certification details

    • Holly and Holly and Hugo is a professional company with an international team of experts, including veterinary surgeons, compiling the courses
    • The courses are accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Education Standards, assuring our students our commitment to high standards of online education
    • We are also a recognized member of the CPD Certification Service
    • Our CPD accredited courses will count towards your CPD hour records. Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CE), individuals show their commitment to gain new skills to contribute to their personal and professional development, improve their job prospects, enhance and evolve in their career
    • At the end of each module there is an exam to pass to make sure you have fully taken in each stage
    • The modules are easy to understand and, therefore, easy to remember
    • You can revisit the material for a refresher if you want to look something up
    • Once the course is completed, all modules saved and exams passed you'll get a pdf certificate
    • You will be also eligible to apply for an ICOES hard copy certificate
    • The courses are designed to be easy to use without the need to download material
    • Should you need any assistance, we have a help centre available in your student area 24/7 or you can contact our awesome Customer Support team during the working hours