A Vet in the Making

Jump-start your career in veterinary health with this intro course to animal psychology, physiology, and care. Perfect for animal lovers who are thinking about transitioning into a career in animal health, we’ll cover all the basics – from working hands-on with animals to learning about procedures, equipment, and the mechanics of a successful practice.

Veterinary health can be the perfect career choice for pet lovers, but it takes more than a love of animals to be successful. Becoming a vet takes years of study and training, and we’ll start you down the right path with this intro to veterinary practice. We’ll cover a broad range of topics on animal handling and health, and provide you with information on the professional responsibilities and obligations of a practice. Our goal is to equip you with the core skills and information you need to begin a career in veterinary medicine.

In this course, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Handling and Understanding Animals: Before you can diagnose and treat a patient, you’ll need to subdue them and perform an exam. We’ll teach you training and obedience techniques to not only keep patients calm, but also to identify problems that may arise from bad behavior, and not physical ailment. Sometimes an animal is suffering from psychological issues, and we’ll teach you to understand animal psychology and communication, so that you can read and interpret their behaviors. We’ll also cover proper handling for all pets, including exotics, and go over breed info and characteristics.
  • Animal Care: We’ll teach you the basics of animal health and safety that anyone who comes into regular contact with animals should know. This includes animal safety and accident prevention, hygiene requirements, professional grooming techniques, prescription safety, feeding methods for sick animals, pain relief, and animal First Aid.
  • Core Skills: Now that you’ve laid down the groundwork, we’ll give you some insight into what a veterinarian does when they’re with a patient. We’ll walk you through inpatient assessment, show you how to monitor and record vitals, introduce you to animal anatomy and physiology, get into advanced animal handling for medical examinations and procedures, show you how to safely restrain an animal, review some commonly-used equipment, and teach you how to respond to emergency situations.
  • Client Interaction: Every vet needs the ability to relate to, and communicate with, their clients - especially in delicate situations where empathy is required. We’ll coach you on how to deal with emotional distress, and how to prepare and support your client through terminal illness and euthanasia.
  • Working in a Practice: Working with patients and clients isn’t the only thing you’ll have to know about as a vet. We’ll cover Health & Safety regulations, explain the structure of a practice and the roles of each member, and explain the ethical responsibilities that a vet has to follow.

Working with animals is a rewarding career, and it’s never too late to follow your passions! If you’re considering a career in veterinary medicine, this course will give you a solid understanding of the core skills and competencies that you’ll need as a vet.

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